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ISET Charguia
Social Entrepreneurship
Enactus National Competition 2019

Enactus ISET Charguia

The Biggest ENACTUS National Competition 2019.

We choosed to share with you guys our most precious and valuable moments during ENACTUS national competition 2019.

It was a wonderful experience full of joy,  sweet moments and some stress during the presentation of our project.

You can never have better experience than this believe me with your second family surrounding you and giving you all the support and love you need.

Enactus Iset charguia can be your second family if you choose to be a part of it so work for it.

ELM#1 2021 Video

We Go With Our Quick Process

First Enactus Leadership Meeting #1

Relive the best moments of the 2020 National Competition Awards ceremony and the First Enactus Leadership Meeting #1.

Who We Are?

Enactus Iset Charguia is a non-profit organization that takes part of an international community of students.

What We Do?

We aim to make a difference in our community while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders.

Our Mission

The goal is to win in the national and then the international competition with our projects and we are evaluated by judges.



Completed Projects

National Competition


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